Sue Barr – Carparks (ongoing)

This project is an ongoing collaboration with London-based photographer Sue Barr. Together we are using only two spot colours to see how closely and accurately we can simulate a four-colour impression. In order to do this, Sue’s photos need to be altered to a two-colour chromatic construction. The chromatic construction works according to the law of subtractive colour mixing. All achromatic values in a picture are created by the fact that subsets of the coloured printing inks neutralise each other and form achromatic values.

Pantone 286C colour separation.

Through colour separation, image editing and colour profiling, the individual colour separations of the photos were processed. 

HKS 68K colour separation.

Close but not yet perfect. We are still working on getting closer to the original.

Different print sequence. Above: first HKS 68K and then Pantone 286C. Below: the reverse.

The original image.