Robert Gallagher – The Dance Floors of England

Robert Gallagher – The Dance Floors of England, 2019
Format: 11 × 18 cm
Pagecount: 72
Edition: 175
Design: Book Book
Print: Office Offset

‘Ruminations on clubs, dance, and sound itself and what it is I think I might have been doing in them.’ – Robert Gallagher

This collection by London-based musician Robert Gallagher brings together poetry written during various performances in English clubs over the last two decades. Taken as a whole, the book is Gallagher’s way of discovering what clubs and club culture have meant to him. In terms of design, the book moves between concrete poetry and analogous rough aesthetics. Printing  becomes part of the graphic design through the assembly work of the plates and manual interventions during the printing process.

In order to interfere with the design at the stage of imposition, we ordered the offset film in huge sheets with all single pages randomly positioned.

Film sheet size of 929 × 1121 mm.

After cutting all pages to single-sheet sizes, it was possible to impose the pages at different angles or shifted. 

Imposing four pages by hand requires a certain accuracy and great attention, so doing your homework by setting up an overview is quite helpful. 

Explaining the operating principle of the Office Offset machine to Robert.

The cover and the flying papers were printed using a special technique we had already developed and tested for the Book Book New Year Card 2019. The laser toner was dissolved and then applied using different methods, which led to a cloudy marble-like effect.

Looks messy, but the result is amazing.

Printing the first out of the three colours. Robert is rhythmically nodding to the beat of the machine.