Alexander Booth – Triptych

Alexander Booth – Triptych, 2021
Format: 13 × 20 cm
Pagecount: 76
Edition: 150
Design: Book Book
Print: Office Offset
A copy of the limited edition of 150 can be purchased at: wordkunst

This book is tripartite: the first section – Roman Hours – is a collection of minimalist mourning songs, and is located almost exclusively in Italy; applying the Delaunays’ definition of Cubism as simultaneous contrast the central section – The Little Light That Escaped – explores metaphorical and literal dislocation against the backdrop of the Mediterranean, twinned with Berlin, no Shelleyan “paradise of exiles” but something darker; and the third section – Insulae – is a series of rooms remembered, from cities that have played an important role in my adult life, primarily Rome and Berlin, but also from further afield now: Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, DC: a memory of architecture an architecture of memory.

Thanks to Fedrigoni for the amazing paper. Freelife Vellum 120 gsm fo the content and Freelife Merida Kraft 280 gsm for the cover.

Setting up the machine does have its pitfalls. The register changes at the slightest adjustment.


Klack, klack, klack! the sweet sound of the Office Offset machine when everything runs smoothly.


19 fronts and 19 backs straight and perfecting printing.

Fine Art Print thought differently. 150 copies on one big sheet.


Each title label is an original Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Photorag.