Libken – Sommerakademie

Libken – Sommerakademie 2023
Format: 17,5 × 25 cm
Pagecount: 48
Edition: 20
Print: Office Offset P 266 U
Paper: Marmorpappe, 1,4 mm, FocusBook NEU, 80 gsm with 2.0 Vol. 
Foil: ORACAL 631 Exhibition Cal Matt, 054 turquoise
Font: Fakt Pro medium / bold
Fontsize: 300 pt / 16 pt
Binding: Plastikoil, Teal, 10 mm
Participants: Giada Alvaro, Kristina Eberle, Jasmin Franken, Daniel Haskett, Lina Herschel, Marie Lou Honert, Paula Jänig, Ann Carolin Renninger, Leonie Retzlaff, Alexandra Rödel, Jule Saalmüller, Sven Serkis

The annual summer academy initiated by Nadja Bournonville, Joachim Bartsch, and Alexander Gehring is a one-week, interdisciplinary workshop led by three experienced instructors from the fields of photography, painting, and graphic design, inviting participants to engage in artistic exploration with varying thematic focuses. The focus in 2023 was on the archive and collecting.