Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – .aci

aci (analogue character interchange), 2020
Format: 21 × 29,7 cm
Pagecount: 48
Edition: 30
Print: Office Offset
Participants: Wilhelm Lehmann (Amphagory), Jasmin Schauer (BlueSky), Björn Naumann (BubbleMan), Carlotta Huck (Compuacid), Nadine Härting (CRoSSFiRE), Jakob Petersen (CURSOR), Martha Sophie Burkhardt (DarkMoon), Victoria Woywodt (Dragoon), Wayra Aguilar (EUPHORIC), Sophie Schmidt (EVILIVE), Paul Rosenkranz (geezer), Lore Elstermann (GillBates), Jonas Otto (Kiefdevil), Zoe Haufer (Liquidater), Marieke Schwartz (Madhouse), Marie Gehrhardt (minad), Gregor Assfalg (PseudoGod), Swantje Georg (RebelChicken), Salima Jalala (Retaliator), Luisa Kaiser (SailorVenus), Rita Pequito Valente (Toolio), Anna Neumann (Vizitor), Jasmin Janina Zehe (WindWalker), Sophie-Charlotte Bolinski (Zyanid)

Due to the covid-19 restrictions the workshop took place in November 2020 at the University of Art and Design Halle (Burg Giebichenstein) only as an online . We  tried to design a workshop format that enabled analogue and digital working simultaneous, despite spatial distance. 

Along with a grid template we sent the students in advance letterforms of a typical ASCII pixel fonts, which we laser cut as stamps. They used the stamps to create new characters on the 8 × 8 grid. Afterwards the finished characters were then uploaded and arranged typographically into a typespecimen. The website we programmed especially for this workshop served as a digital construction kit / designtool. In reminiscence to the so called warez scene every student was publishing their characters under a pseudonym.


The aim of the workshop was to get an analogue, playful access to type design and to create a typographic page/typespecimen using their new typeface. Further to show how letterforms change depending on the medium. Therefore we transferred those digital compositions back into an Office Offset printed publication. In addition, we gave small lectures on typography of early software pirates, pixel/figlet fonts, ASCII and typewriter art and the Office Offset printing technology.

Explaining the workshop format via zoom while filming the setting with a camera mounted above it.

The ASCII rubber letterforms just after laser cutting.

Typespecimen: Lore Elstermann aka GillBates 

Typespecimen:  Salima Jalala aka Retaliator

Typespecimen: Victoria Woywodt aka Dragoon

Office Offset live stream already into the 5th hour.