Other manufacturers

AB Dick
The US-based company AB Dick was founded in 1883. Important models on the European market were M350 the tandem model 269T and the Office Offset/copying system 9000.

Adast was a Czech manufacturer of printing machines, which from 1967 to about 1984 also produced offset printers as well as Office Offset machines. These were used both in the Soviet Union and the GDR. The first model was the Ominor in 1967, followed by the Adast Rominor 022 and Rominor 023. 

AM International GmbH
AM International GmbH (short for Adressograph Mulitigraph) was founded in the US in 1896. The company, which maintained an office in Frankfurt, primarily produced addressing machines and small-format offset printing machines. In 1958 the Office Offset machine model 50 was introduced to the market. 1

Develop was a medium-sized company located near Stuttgart. Besides the production of photocopiers, the company’s product range also included some Office Offset machines. The Develop 50.10, 50.20 and 50.30 were produced as table-top models and the model Develop 8000 as a copy/Office Offset combination. Konica Minolta bought the company in 1990. 2

Mathias Bäuerle and Océ 
Mathias Bäuerle and Océ did not produce their own Office Offset machines but sold Develop models under their own brand name. 3

The Danish duplicator company Rex Rotary was represented in Germany by Rex Rotary Deutschland GmbH in Hamburg. Its first Office Offset machine, model Rex Rotary 1500, was launched in 1967 for DM 5.390 (£ 483). 4 Other important models were Rex Rotary 1502, Rex Rotary 1602S and Rex Rotary 1605. The company was integrated into the Gestetner group but continued to produce under its own name.

Ricoh, one of the largest manufacturers of copiers and office supplies in Japan, produced Office Offset machines under the name Ricoh-Offset. Until the mid-90s, Ricoh manufactured the so-called Autoprinters, or AP. Other important models were the Office Offset machine OF 1010, the Autoprinters AP 2200, AP 2600 and the AP 3700. 5

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